Benefits of magnetism

Every living being has a clean energy with the ability to share it. A well-balanced energy flow contributes to maintaining our physical, mental and emotional well-being. If, on the other hand, this energy field is weak, it could degrade our health capital.

This is where magnetism comes into play. This brief overview of what magnetism is and its benefits will make you more familiar with this proven energetic medicine.

Ancestral traditions and current science allow us to perceive the person as a vibratory unit ordered into three main principles :

The physical or biological body that governs our vital needs : breathing, eating and drinking, digestion and assimilation, elimination, activity and rest.

The emotional body is related to the physical body, mind and spirit, as well as the relationship with the other.

The energetic body is connected to the vital force and also between our different bodies.

The main purpose of this treatment is to give your body a self-healing power to heal your ailments independently of yourself. Thus, at the end of a magnetism session you may not feel anything particular, but your body will surely gain in positive energy. The effects of this treatment can also vary according to the individual and the problems faced by each patient. But, in general, when energy travels through your body, you will experience different sensations or reactions.



Magnetism releases the traumatic memories of the physical, emotional and energetic body. It prevents psychosomatic disorders, neurovegetative and endocrine imbalances, autoimmune diseases, physical pain.

The practice of magnetism unlocks and releases blocked energies, provides complete relaxation of the body and helps the body's natural process to revitalize itself in order to relieve and eventually mitigate or prevent the effects of the disease.

Toning and revitalizing, magnetic energy care improves physical and intellectual performance while stimulating the body's natural defences to maintain, maintain and increase your health capital or generate a repair process.

In other words, the benefits of magnetism affect all external and internal aspects of the body.